Bare Again

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Bare Again is pleased to offer anti-wrinkle injections as part of its comprehensive range of skin treatments.

This is done by using a purified natural protein. It has been used widely in medicine to treat muscle spasms, excessive sweating, migraine as well as in the cosmetic industry to reduce facial wrinkles.

How does antiwrinkle treatment work?

A natural purified protein can be injected with fine needles into facial muscles around the eyes, forehead and bridge of the nose depending on which muscles are to be targeted. Within days there is a reduction in the message sent from the nerve endings to the muscles in these regions. The result is that facial lines and wrinkles are reduced. This reaches its maximum effect at two weeks and lasts for around four months, although there is some individual variability. With repeat treatments injections are spread out further as the effect lasts longer.

Can I expect any side effects?

Your initial consultation will be performed by one of our doctors who will be happy to explain any possible side effects after a comprehensive history and examination is undertaken. This consultation is free of charge. Commonly there is a small amount of skin redness that lasts for a few hours. Bruising can occur. Effects such as eyelid drooping (ptosis) are uncommon and will resolve within a short period of time. Allergy is rare.

Post injection care.

Very little is required after the injection. It is important not to rub the site for at least four hours. It is important not to lie down and put pressure on the injected areas at this stage as well. Any small pinpoint bleeds can be carefully dabbed from the face. Some facial exercises may be undertaken.

What happens after the initial injection?

About two weeks after the initial injections the maximum effect takes place. At this time you will be reassessed in the clinic to review the effectiveness of the treatment. A "top up" injection may be required to obtain the maximum benefit.

When will it wear off?

The effect last about four months, although there is some variability from client to client. At this stage you can be re-injected. Long term clients will notice the treatments may last longer than four months. Following the initial consultation repeat treatments may be undertaken by the clinic doctor, or by one of our qualified nurse injectors.

Further information can be obtained from a phone call to the Bare Again clinic or during a free medical consultation.